Refrigeration and Storage Room Monitoring Solutions

Overview :

Whether you have some small mobile foods or a fleet of full-size food trucks, mobile foods distribution assets are critical to your business. In order to keep these assets safe and ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of the many benefits of tracking food and drug shipments solutions through our solutions, especially based on the requirements of the Food and Drug Authority, food and drug service companies can track the assets of the distribution and delivery of private shipments through remote sensing technologies. Food distribution of any size can be monitored for location, speed, temperature, fuel level and much more:

Benefits of using tracking solutions for food and drug companies:

Temperature sensors can be installed in any cabin that needs to monitor any drastic changes in temperature. This is particularly useful for food services, as the platform can send you alerts if temperatures reach unsafe levels for food. Other sensors, such as those for fuel, power cut and connection, can be installed to monitor various variables of your foods shipments.

The indoor climate control system is designed to monitor the climatic factors in rooms, refrigerators and in open spaces, and the system can work with any type of external sensor that supports the following interfaces:

Dry Contact – 486/Modbus – RS – Analogue – 1Wire – 232

The system complies with GDP/GMP standards:

Equipment used:

  • fleet tracking devices
  • Fleet management and tracking system 
  • Weight and load sensors 1 
  • Weight and load sensors 2 
  • fuel monitoring sensors 
  • temperature sensors 
  • humidity sensors 
  • Door opening and closing sensors

Sniper Vehicle Tracking System:

The sniper system provides vehicle tracking and accurate location, in addition to weight, vehicle speed, vehicle status, stops and time, in addition to alerts related to geographical boundaries and routes.

The most important characteristics:

  • Supports web and mobile access.
  • Track the vehicle in real time via Google Maps.
  • Local or international data segments.
  • Keeping flight logs and itineraries for 6 months.
  • Various daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Multiple employee accounts.
  • Integrated training on the use of the system

For more information about the sniper vehicle tracking system, click here .