Transportation and Bus Tracking Solutions


Bus solutions target transportation of all kinds, including public transportation for passengers, school transportation, Hajj and Umrah, and employees in the public and private sectors. It enables management and follow-up of assets, actual monitoring of transportation activity, raising the level of service, following up on performance, and achieving corporate vision.

Equipment used:

1) Tracking Devices
2) data chip
3) Surveillance cameras
4) Hard Disk
5) Sniper Vehicle Tracking System
6) Other devices and accessories

1) Tracking devices:

High quality tracking devices in positioning, transmitting data, and integrating with different sensors for weight, fuel, temperature and satellite systems.


  • High quality and accuracy in reading weights.
  • Multiple brands, European and Chinese industrial.
  • Two years warranty on devices.

2) data chip:

Nebras, in cooperation with its suppliers of approved local telecommunications companies, provides its customers with low-cost data chips commensurate with the requirements of the Public Transport Authority.

3) Surveillance cameras

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

4) Hard Disk

5) Sniper Vehicle Tracking System

The sniper system provides vehicle tracking and accurate location, in addition to weight, vehicle speed, vehicle status, stops and time, in addition to alerts related to geographical boundaries and routes.

The most important characteristics:

Supports web and mobile access.
Track the vehicle in real time via Google Maps.
Local or international data segments.
Keeping flight logs and itineraries for 6 months.
Various daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Multiple employee accounts.
Integrated training on the use of the system
For more information about the sniper vehicle tracking system, click here .

+) Additional technologies and devices:

Bus tracking solutions can be equipped with a number of additional devices and technologies that provide our customers with additional value, namely:

  • Routers
  • driver identification card
  • Passenger counter/ID cards
  • seat sensors
  • door sensors
  • emergency button