WABCO Axial Weight Vehicle Tracking (EBS) and Fleet Management Solutions


It is an integrated system for managing the fleet, including the vehicle and the trailer, from the global company (WABCO), where the system contributes to achieving the competitive advantage for customers and saving direct and indirect costs, including reading axial weights with high accuracy, saving fuel, mileage, driver productivity, and communication costs, which leads to Increase customer satisfaction.

Equipment used:

1) TX-GEO2 . Tracker
2) data chip
4) PC TX-GO2
5) TX-CONNECT . Fleet Management System

1) TX-GEO2 Tracker:

It is an advanced tracking solution that locates vehicles and fixed and moving equipment with high accuracy, such as trailers, containers or portable cabins. It is integrated with motion sensors and sensors and advanced positioning technologies.

2) data chip:

Nebras Company, in cooperation with its suppliers of approved local telecommunications companies, provides its customers with data chips at low cost and commensurate with the requirements of the Public Transport Authority.

3) TX-TRAILERGUARD Trailer Monitoring and Management Device:

A highly flexible device that is designed to be installed anywhere in the trailer according to the type of use. In normal cases, the installation location is close to the trailer’s EBS electronic brake system under the chassis.

The device pushes the boundaries of conventional trailer information technologies. It helps you improve the safety of your cargo and trailers and improve overall road safety. It ensures maximum connectivity and transparency of operation and simplifies the management of the trailer fleet and is characterized by:

Reducing costs (violations, malfunctions, maintenance).
Increase return on investment.
Improve trailer safety, use and management.
Effectively schedule maintenance.
Reduce environmental impact and pollution and improve driving style.

4) PC TX-GO2:

It is a portable computer (without a display) designed to be installed behind the dashboard in vehicles that enables real-time tracking and management of activities, remote download of memory data, and can be connected to a vehicle computer reader (CAN), allowing for fuel management, directional reports and driver identification All data is sent from the device to the TX-CONNECT fleet management system. The device is connected to a number of peripheral devices that support data integration

5) TX-CONNECT . Fleet Management System

It is the center of all fleet management activities. Ensures real-time fleet information, from departure to arrival. Moreover, the platform can be easily integrated into other reporting software and tools

The most important characteristics:

  • Read axial weight from EBS & ABS
  • Definition of the driver and follow-up driving style on the road (DRIVER RECOGNITION).
  • Vehicle condition and road performance (EC) data.

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