ERP Solutions

Overview :

The ERP sanctuary program is considered one of the best and most powerful accounting programs designed by a distinguished elite of programmers and systems analysts under the supervision of a group of professional accountants, all of whom are at the highest level of accuracy and in order to fully meet the requirements of the business market.

Properties :

  • A specialized department to issue and follow up on refunding fees and guarantees
  • Connectivity and integration with the GPS tracking system
  • Defining destinations and routes
  • Transport fleet management and management of transport contracts for customers and carriers
  • Connecting the systems to the automated text messaging system SMS
  • Possibility to manage all tariffs of the clearance system
  • Divide the transaction follow-up process into stages
  • Monitoring the expenses and revenues of cars and drivers
  • Administrative alerts for important operations
  • Follow up on the status of transfer requests received from clients
  • Management for calculating the drivers bonus and trip expenses
  • Setting standards to measure the performance of drivers and linking it to the bonus
  • An outstanding set of detailed and total reports
  • A special screen for issuing quotations and contracts for clearance services
  • A special department for translation, categorization and printing of the customs declaration from the system
  • The possibility of following up the status of each car (in the workshop – transport order – in the yard)
  • A special department for the issuance of claims linked to a department with virtual fees that can be allocated to each type of service
  • A department for issuing and printing clearance invoices for transactions completed by one order and for more than one customer