Web and Mobile Application Solutions for Vehicle Tracking (Sniper)

Overview :

The sniper system provides vehicle tracking and accurate location, in addition to weight, vehicle speed, vehicle status, stops and time, in addition to alerts related to geographical boundaries and routes.

The most important characteristics:

  • Supports web and mobile access.
  • Track the vehicle in real time via Google Maps.
  • Local or international data segments.
  • Keeping flight logs and itineraries for 6 months.
  • Various daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Multiple employee accounts.
  • Integrated training on the use of the system

The most important characteristics of system settings and basic data (System Administrator):

  • Adjust the user name and password settings for the system administrator
  • Create groups and car divisions
  • Creating groups, adding users and defining their powers in all system functions.
  • Supporting the preparation of scheduling sending reports, through which the automatic report sending is programmed (every day, week or other).
  • Adjust data display settings, including path data and address data for each point, and prepare the appearance of different reports in the reports module.
  • Adjust the settings of the notification methods and messages related to the various events from turning on and off (via email, mobile or directly on the system)

System management, vehicle data, and movement follow-up (system supervisor):

  • Add cars to groups and set up all data, including basic car data and fuel consumption
  • Add drivers and their data, connect drivers with cars, and register them on the Wasl platform.
  • Managing the history module, tracking the car and charts (track) for different cars, filtering and collecting information according to the date and days.
  • Managing the geographical area and groups for geographical areas, notifications of cars entering or leaving the area, linking a group or a number of cars to the specified area, and determining the speed of the car and stopping time.
  • Determining the path of the cars (determining the path points, linking the cars to the specified path, and setting the alerts required for the car to deviate from the path).

Report management

There are a large number of reports in the platform according to the type of solutions provided, including:

  • Car and driver data reports.
  • Vehicle location and mileage reports.
  • Reports of working hours for vehicles, times and locations of stops.
  • Daily movement and speed reports.
  • Reports related to different notifications:
    • Start and stop vehicles
    • Geographical areas
    • Tracks
  • The rest of the administrative reports in the system.

The most important screens of the sniper system for tracking vehicles and fleets (Ver.1):

  • Notification settings 
  • Vehicle data 
  • User data 
  • Driver data 
  • chronology 
  • Vehicle track 
  • Geographical area 
  • Fleet Vehicle Locations 
  • Reports